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Right Education starts from Right Age

Starting from age 10/11 till 15/16, the grasping power is outstanding for kids. This is the right age for them to understand the fundamentals of technology as they are robust, energetic and attentive.

Middle School

6th to 8th Grades. The core educational journey for any student starts from middle school. Hands on exposure towards technology is very very important for students of these grades.

High School

9th & 10th Grades. We accommodate as much exposure as needed to a set of detailed tasks. Rigor infused teaching with more one-to-one sessions are applied to students of these grades.


11th & 12th Grades. Complete tuning of students towards technology. Assignments, practicals, group participations, lab works and more are what we offer to our students of these grades.

To be the Best -
Learn from the Best

At QWings, we always thrive to deliver the Best for our students. Be it classroom trainings or lab sessions or practicals sessions, we always provide the best mentors to our students. By this kind of training, the student will have substantial theoretical and practical knowledge and experience about the future technologies.

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